Practice Areas for Woodard Law Group

Diverse & Knowledgeable Bentonville Lawyers

Our Bentonville civil litigation attorneys are dedicated to giving our clients the help and legal advice they need to achieve a favorable result in their case. We work tirelessly to give you as many tools as we can to steer you toward success. Our innovative group is comprised of young, knowledgeable lawyers who are able to combine extensive legal know-how with innovative strategies. We also are able to utilize technology in ways that are still quite rare in the legal field.

Innovative Business Solutions

At Woodard Law Group, we know that the local businesses are a vital part of our community's identity. We have the knowledge and dedication to assist with all aspects of our local businesses. We can work with fledgling companies and help them navigate the complex legal terrain of business formation. Once a business is off the ground and functioning, we can help with its contract law needs as well.